CMH: Computation of Igusa Class Polynomials


CMH computes Igusa class polynomials.

The main authors are:

A code base by Régis Dupont is at the origin of this work.


CMH is released under the terms of the GNU General public license, version 3 or any later version (GPLv3+).

Computations with CMH

In March, 2014, we announced the computation of class polynomials for Shimura class number 20,016. See the announcement text in plain text format.


There is only one releaased version of CMH, which may be downloaded from this link:

The latest snapshot of the CMH software package can be downloaded using this link.


Development of CMH happens on the INRIA Gforge platform. The project web page is there. Read-only access to the source code management history is available.

Supported platforms

The primary development platform is x86_64 linux with gcc 4.4 or later, the most common processor being Intel Core2-like and Nehalem.

Required software tools


The README file of the software package mentions a provided script which attempts to download and install all these prerequisites.